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Accelerated Digital Transformation


Build future-ready IT systems by following a systematic strategy to implementing, accelerating, and scaling technology, talent, and sustainability projects.



Use current engineering principles and powerful analytics to reinvent your approach to business operations, generating the efficiencies needed to self-fund transformation.

At The Core


Infuse IT with a constant innovation DNA that allows it to adjust to change and deliver better experiences to market quicker.

How We Work

We obtain the project's location, as well as the site's solar irradiance.

Determines the tilt angle for optimal solar energy gathering. Support Structures are chosen.

Computes the yearly solar generation. Determines the size of the system necessary by identifying the week months.

We proceed with comprehensive engineering, in which minute factors are addressed and the system is optimised.

The project components are manufactured after extensive engineering.

Components are tested in accordance with the designs and applicable standards, assuring quality, quantity, performance, and safety.

All of the components are delivered to the job site and assembled.

After assembly, the system is commissioned and its performance is reviewed.