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Residential Mini Water Treatment Plants


The WTP is designed in accordance with the raw water analysis report. Our customised units meet the needs of each and every customer. We develop and install small, medium, and large purifying systems and guarantee 100% performance satisfaction. Excess colour, odour, suspended particles, bad taste, turbidity, iron, hardness, and other contaminants in raw water will be removed by the treatment facility.

RO Plants


Reverse osmosis is a method of obtaining high-quality water for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. Our RO systems are the most cost-effective way to produce pure potable water from low-quality water. We are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with our day-to-day lives due to physical and chemical factors such as colour, odour, hardness, dissolved substances, and so on.

RO System


Has a flow rate 50,75 &100. Pure & bottling quality of water for drinking purpose for hotels ,restaurants, resorts, schools, colleges, office, factories etc. Removes bacteria, TDS, harmful chemicals and pesticides from water. It has automatic mode of operation, when it is connected to a storage or cooler. It has a 20” filter which provide high life and low maintenance cost. UV treatment at the final stage gives bacteria & virus free water. It is a compact model.

UV Water


Conventional UV water purifiers meant for home use frequently do not fulfil the needs of schools, hotels, and hospitals when big quantities are required. The remote installation option also allows the user to access only the water outlets and not the equipment. It protects the machine from hard handling and provides a high level of safety. The sediment and carbon filters, in conjunction with the UV system, provide high-quality water at a reasonable cost.

How We Work

We obtain the project's location, as well as the site's solar irradiance.

Determines the tilt angle for optimal solar energy gathering. Support Structures are chosen.

Computes the yearly solar generation. Determines the size of the system necessary by identifying the week months.

We proceed with comprehensive engineering, in which minute factors are addressed and the system is optimised.

The project components are manufactured after extensive engineering.

Components are tested in accordance with the designs and applicable standards, assuring quality, quantity, performance, and safety.

All of the components are delivered to the job site and assembled.

After assembly, the system is commissioned and its performance is reviewed.